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Dear Alumni,

I am truly humbled, as with immense joy I step into the prestigious Chair of being the Vice-Chancellor of the fourth oldest University of India.

Allahabad University takes the pride of giving to the nation one President, one Vice President, three Prime Ministers, many Chief Ministers, three Chief Justices of India and has been the Alma mater of many dignitaries over the past 134 years.

So many of you have traversed the path of being on the benches of the classrooms of this great University. I, myself being a teacher, am very fascinated with my profession. How good it is to teach those, who shall hold the reins of this nation and world tomorrow, teachers thus make a significant impact on tomorrow’s world.

You have been the torch bearers of Allahabad University around the world and I reckon the present students of this University shall carry the light into the future with the same fervor.

I envision, that in times to come, the University will churn out smart young professionals into every walk of life, they will be all self reliant, better groomed and industry ready as per the need of the hour. They will hold the flag of the University high as “Quot Rami Tot Arbores” envisages, as many branches as many trees.

The power of India lies in its youth. We have to educate their minds and heart both. To inculcate into their minds that luck and hard work are the two sides of the same coin.

Dear Alumni, I would constantly seek your advisory and support to restore the prestige of your Alma mater, the University of Allahabad.

In better times, we shall arrange a meet of all of you in the famous Senate hall and the Vizianagaram hall, which stand in their full opulence to see you back here again, to share your experiences of life and work with your younger generation.

Wishing you all the best in all your endeavors and also wishing a very happy and prosperous 2021.

Prof. Sangita Srivastava
Vice Chancellor

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